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  • Colton Collins

Top 3 Features of the New PGH Website

Our new site has several upgraded features, including a fresh design, easier shopping and checkout process, and updated photos. Below are our top three new features that we think you will enjoy the most.

Reference Guide

There are few online references for Zingiberales that include updated photos, accurate IDs, and plant descriptions. The Heliconia Society of Puerto Rico and Montoso Gardens are great guides for Heliconia but references for other families within the order are hard to come by. We hope to partially fill that gap with our new online store. With our previous website we would remove any varieties that we no longer had for sale or that were out of stock. The problem with this was all the photos and information we had for those plants were hidden to everyone seeking that information. With our new site, we are keeping all our photos and plant descriptions online so that you can refer to them at all times.



The new gallery is a collection of our plant and travel photos. It documents what is flowering around the farm and what we find when we are exploring remote forest. We add fresh new photos every week so it’s a great way to stay connected and updated with what we have going on! This galley is connected to our Instagram account. The photos and comments posted on Instagram will appear on this webpage.


Wild Curcuma field - Thailand

If you are interested in growing tips, learning about rare plants, and seeing what we encounter when we are abroad on expeditions then this blog is for you. Our goal is to add a new article every week. We are planning to include reviews of botanical gardens, provide in-depth answers to frequently asked questions, and offer details of some of the rarest plants in our collection. We are new to blogging so this blog will be new for all of us. Let us know if you have any suggestions on topics to write about!

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