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Mark Collins, founder of Plant Group Hawaii (PGH), traveled to over 50 countries in search of new and exciting plant material. He named and introduced dozens of plants that are grown around the world today. Some of our favorite introductions of his include: Heliconia penduloides 'Perfect Darling', H. gloriosa 'Satin Glory', H. orthotricha 'Eden Pink', H. griggsiana 'Harvest Moon', Zingiber collinsii 'Silver Streaks', Globba winitii 'Pristina Pink', and Globba siamensis 'White Swan'.

PGH is continuing his legacy but with a focus in conservation. We aim to discover new taxa, amass culturally significant species, and cultivate Evolutionary Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) species. We are working towards establishing ourselves as a conservation center and distributor. Our shift towards conservation is an effort to help address pantropical habitat loss and preserve the extraordinary plants that Mark and many of us have come to love.


Collect, cultivate, and conserve plants. Inspire and help others to do the same.

Cloud forest near Chiang Mai, Thailand


We collect plants from diverse ecosystems throughout the tropics. Our exploratory efforts are guided by type localities, species distribution models, and local guides. Currently, our collecting expeditions are focused on Zingiberales in the American tropics and Southeast Asia. Follow our blog to keep up with our latest adventure!

PGH Greenhouses in Hilo


Our collection is cultivated in Hilo, Hawaii and Chiang Mai, Thailand. We are constantly learning about the growing conditions for each of our accessions and we have become proficient in growing plants from rhizomes, bulbs, cutting, seeds, bulbils, and plantlets. For growing tips, look at our growing guide or send us an email with your questions.

Rare medicinal Thai ginger, Gagnepainia thoreliana


Habitat loss and climate change are severe threats to tropical plants and the organisms and ecosystems that depend on them. Ideally, we would like to conserve entire ecosystems but given our limited resources, we focus on ex-situ conservation. If you want to participate or support this form of conservation you can do so by growing rare plants or by making a purchase from our online store. Your business helps us maintain our current collection and fund future collecting expeditions.

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