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Heliconia griggsiana 'Hunter's Moon'

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  • Introducing, Heliconia griggsiana 'Hunter's Moon'. This new H. griggsiana is a seedling variation found growing in the cool climate of Volcano, Hawaii. This variation is similar to 'Blue Moon' but with a touch of red at the end of bracts. The cream colored rachis turns dark green with maturity. 'Hunter's Moon' has attractive foliage and grows quite large.

    You will be receiving a 4 inch potted plant that is 6-8 inches tall.

    Inflorescence: Pendent and spiral
    Height: 15-25 ft 
    Light: Full sun-40% shade 
    Growth: Clumping
    Native Distribution: Seedling variation
    Cold tolerance: High

    Named and introduced by Colton Collins.

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